MPA Applauds Efforts to Keep the Food Chain Intact

COLUMBIA, MISSOURI—The Missouri Pork Association (MPA) applauds the efforts of Governor Mike Parson, Director of Agriculture Chris Chinn and their entire team for its leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. During his March 23 press conference, Governor Parson commented on the importance of agriculture and reassured people will continue to be fed.


“Many of you have seen bare grocery store shelves. I want to assure you this is a demand issue, not a supply issue,” Governor Parson said. “Our food supply remains strong and our farmers, ranchers, processors, manufacturers and grocery stores across the state are working to keep the shelves restocked.”


Missouri pig farmers and industry partners across the country are doing their part to ensure a steady and abundant supply of pork.


“While we’re working on our farms to maximize production, we also applaud those throughout the supply chain and especially those working in the pork processing plants who keep our product moving,” said Marcus Belshe, MPA chairman and pig farmer from Henley.

On March 19, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) published guidance identifying food and agriculture employees as critical infrastructure workers essential to the continued viability of this sector, who should maintain normal work patterns pursuant to President Trump’s Coronavirus Guidance.


“This includes anyone working on the farms, in the livestock arenas and the feed supply chain, the food processing or manufacturing grocery stores and others that help supply agriculture needs,” Governor Parson said. “To anyone working in food production and agriculture, from farm to fork, you’ve never been more important. Your effort through these difficult times will sustain our communities and our nation.”


“Taking care of our farms, families and animals is what we do, and following biosecurity protocols is a key part of how we operate,” said Scott Phillips, pig farmer from Drexel, former MPA chairman and a director for the National Pork Board. “Consumers can rest assured that today’s pig farmers will do their part to make sure ample supplies of affordable, nutritious pork continue to be available.”


The Missouri Pork Association represents the state’s pork producers in the areas of promotion, research, education and legislation. For more information on the association, visit, or call the Missouri Pork Association office at (573) 445-8375.