Missouri’s Pig Farmers Dedicated to Providing Quality Pork Product for Consumers

Columbia, Mo.,— Recently, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security along with Missouri and many other states announced that agriculture and the food supply chain, including pork, are essential industries. As the nation responds to this critical human health crisis, Missouri’s pork producers take their responsibility seriously.


“From farm to consumer, we will work seamlessly with federal, state and local entities in a cohesive partnership to continue the supply of nutritious pork,” stated Marcus Belshe, a pig farmer from Henley, Missouri, and chairman of the Missouri Pork Association Board of Directors. “This partnership is critical to avoid any supply chain disruptions.”


Today’s pork industry continues to seek solutions to a labor shortage on our farms and at our pork processing facilities. We must also maintain access to grain and other key materials needed to raise our animals and protect the health of our workers. This access to inputs goes hand in hand with the importance of the transportation systems that move not only grain, but our animals to market and, ultimately, pork products to consumers.


To learn more, visit http://nppc.org/issues/issue/your-food-is-our-priority/.


The Missouri Pork Association represents the state’s pork producers in the areas of promotion, research, education and legislation. For more information on the association, visit www.mopork.com, or call the Missouri Pork Association office at (573) 445-8375.