The MPA Youth Show Pig Circuit is designed to provide Junior Swine Exhibitors the opportunity to further their development of citizenship, leadership and sportsmanship and to reward Missouri youth for their participation and hard work in the statewide exhibition of swine projects.

The information contained on this page is a brief overview. To review the complete guidelines, please click MYSPC Guidelines 2017.


Changes to this Year’s Circuit
  • Showmanship Exception: When two shows are held on the same day in the same location, only one showmanship event is required. See below for scheduling details.
  • Ring A – Begin with Showmanship, followed by Crossbred barrows, Berkshire barrows, then work through remaining purebred barrows alphabetically ending with Yorkshire barrows. Pick Top 5 in barrows. Next, start with Crossbred gilts, then Berkshire gilts and move through alphabetically to Yorkshire gilts. Pick Top 5 in gilts.
  • Ring B – Start at the same time as Ring A Crossbred barrows (after showmanship). Begin with Berkshire gilts, working through the alphabet and ending with Crossbred gilts. Pick Top 5 in gilts. Next, start with Berkshire barrows and work through alphabetically ending with Crossbred barrows. Pick Top 5 in barrows. (No Showmanship in Ring B.)
  • MYSPC members must exhibit their own pigs to receive points.
  • Show Stock Outfitters is a major sponsor of the MPA Youth Show Pig Circuit. Therefore, sanctioned shows must allow Show Stock to attend the day of the show, in addition to any other show supply companies.
  • MYSPC members will be considered junior members of the Missouri Pork Association.


Reminder on Purebred Papers Requirement

All animals entered in purebred classes are required to have registration papers or verification of registration by June 1. At this point, the animal will be shown as a crossbred until papers are provided. Papers MUST be faxed (573-446-2398) or e-mailed ( to the MPA office by June 1. MPA will send the list of verified purebreds to shows after that date.


2017 Membership

Membership is open to Missouri youth ages 21 and under as of January 1st of the current year. Membership dues are:
$25 – individual
$40 – 2 memberships in the same family
$60 – 3 memberships in the same family
4 memberships and above in the same family – $15 per MYSPC member

Members who sign up prior to April 17 will receive a t-shirt. Youth must be a member of the MYSPC before points begin to accumulate. Membership dues may be paid at sanctioned shows. There will be a 60% payback of dues. Prizes will be given out at the 2017 Missouri State Fair on Wednesday, August 9 during a lunch at the Pork Place.

There are 19 shows this year. Members will be allowed to count top points from 50% of these shows, or 9 shows.

For a membership brochure and application, please click Click here.


2017 Sanctioned Shows

Missouri shows wishing to be sanctioned must pay a $200 fee to participate in the MYSPC. All sanctioned shows will be listed on this website. Sanctioned shows must abide by the general guidelines of the MYSPC. Contact the Missouri Pork Association if you would like to sanction your show.


Shows officially signed on for 2017 include:
May 6 – Nevada Swine Show Trifecta – 2 SHOWS (Nevada, MO) — Click here for flyer…
May 7 – Nevada Swine Show Trifecta – 1 SHOW (Nevada, MO) — Click here for flyer…

May 13 – Wolf Showpig Bonanza (Chillicothe, MO) —
May 14 – Princeton FFA Jackpot Show (Chillicothe, MO) — Click here for flyer…
May 14 – Crossroads Classic (Chillicothe, MO) — Click here for flyer…

May 20 – Show Me Extravaganza – 2 SHOWS (Sedalia, MO) — Click here for flyer…
May 21 – Missouri Showdown – 2 SHOWS (Marshall, MO) — Click here for flyer…

May 27 – Callaway County Jackpot Swine Show (Auxvasse, MO)
May 27 – MU Block & Bridle’s 2017 Black & Gold Swine Show (Auxvasse, MO)
May 28 – Centralia FFA Alumni & Boosters Jackpot Show (Mexico, MO) — Click here for flyer…
May 29 – Sweet Springs FFA Jackpot Show (Marshall, MO)

June 3 – Troy FFA Preview Jackpot Show (Troy, MO)
June 3 – Troy FFA Alumni and Relay for Life Jackpot Show (Troy, MO)
June 4 – Warrenton FFA Jackpot Show (Warrenton, MO) — Click here for flyer

June 10 – Henry County Livestock Preview Show (Clinton, MO)
June 11 – Bates County Jackpot Show (Butler, MO) — Click here for flyer…


Flyers will include contact information and show details. All flyers are in Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format. This program can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website. Click here to get the program.




FINAL 2016 Point Standings!

2016 MYSPC Overall Barrow – Click here

2016 MYSPC Overall Gilt Totals – Click here

2016 MYSPC Totals By Breed – Click here

2016 MYSPC Showmanship Totals – Click here



For More Information, Contact:

Diane Slater
Missouri Pork Association
6235 W. Cunningham Dr.
Columbia, MO 65202
(573) 445-8375