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Missouri Pork Association's Press Release

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June 14, 2006

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Pork Checkoff Introduces New Value-Added Cuts

During the 2006 World Pork Expo in Des Moines Iowa last week, the Pork Checkoff announced the identification of four new pork cuts. The cuts, typically under-valued, originate from the pork shoulder and leg.

Research conducted by Michigan State University, the University of Wisconsin and Iowa State University examined all muscles larger than half a pound to identify chemical traits, sensory qualities, and physical attributes. Four cuts stood out as having strong marketability while being easy to obtain and economically feasible for all parties in the chain.

Pork Breast – This is a very versatile piece of meat and can be used in a variety of dishes. This cut is already being sold as pre-marinated fajita meat.

Petite Tender – This cut is a portion for one and can be used for upscale dishes because of its tenderness. This is equivalent to a small tenderloin and could be used for medallions.

Cap Steak – This is a thin, striated muscle, similar to a flank steak. This will work well in ethnic dishes such as fajitas or stir fry.

Pocket Roast – This roast is very tender and juicy and portioned for two. It could be a rotisserie product or a personal roast.

“These new cuts will give today’s cooks more choices in the kitchen, while enhancing value for America’s pork producers,” stated Don Nikodim, executive vice president of the Missouri Pork Association.

The Pork Checkoff and the U.S. Meat Export Federation will host a packer/processor training seminar in July to show packers how to access these muscles and to provide them with culinary ideas. After these products are made available, the Checkoff will begin promoting the new cuts to the foodservice audience.

The Missouri Pork Association represents the state’s pork producers in the areas of promotion, research, education and legislation. For more information about this or any other programs of the Missouri Pork Association, go to www.mopork.com, or call the Missouri Pork Association office at (573) 445-8375.




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